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Posted on 01 October 2013 by Tony Santos


While mobile phones and computers are becoming smarter with each new smartphone or tablet PC released, car tech innovations have always been subject to great scrutiny. Is the new electric-powered car practical? Are the new upgrades to the car engine, or seat, more gimmick than grand innovation? Automobiles tend to suppose the buyer into thinking about the latest highlighted features only to be disappointed. One good thing technology has brought the automobile industry; however, is the subsequent improvement of car safety.

Take Mercedes-Benz Magic Body Control for example. While the name may lead the person into thinking this sounds more of a gimmick than a revolution, the tremendous reception to its “chicken ad” has also allowed the German manufacturer to showcase a new technology that drastically improves care safety.

Basically, the Magic Body Control is the Active Body Control (ABC) suspension system on that intelligently adjusts to road surfaces through smart pistons controlling connected to the car wheels. Through powerful steel coils, these pistons can adjust independently, perfect for situations where roads surfaces are uneven, whether it’s in the city, our in more rural regions.

But what if this existing suspension technology gets even smarter? That’s where the “magic”  comes in. Through a stereo camera installed on a car’s windshield, your vehicle can start seeing the road ahead. The camera scans the road ahead and “registers the road ahead and its condition.” Now you have a suspension system that doesn’t simply react. It prepares itself. This means the Magic Body Control allows a safer, and more balanced driving experience for the person.

Facing a curve ahead? A pothole in the middle of the highway? The Magic Body Control sees it in time, and allows the ABC suspension to adjust, allowing you to drive serenely. Whatever the damage on the road surface, the new technology has made the driving experience more comfortable. Tests have already shown the huge improvement in a more balanced driving experience. While the technology still has room for improvement – especially in terms of reacting to curbs, and steep bumps – the Magic Body Control is truly almost like magic in smoothening the experience on the road.

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