Clean your social networks before filing a car insurance claim

Posted on 25 October 2013 by Tony Santos

Insurance Claim from Social Media

Driving safe was the only thing that we were concerned about previously. But from the time accident rate went up after drinking and driving, drivers were cautioned for drink and drive. Now, if we drive safe and are sober drivers too, there are times when the other person hits our car and we need to file a claim against their insurance company to receive our compensation amount. As it is, there are many terms & conditions that have to be fulfilled in order to receive our compensation, and the amount that the insured gets finally would be a meager sum. To add on to this, the car insurance companies have now started checking the social networking sites of the claimant before settling the claims. Confused? Read on to understand better.

Why do insurance companies check social networks?

Insurance companies check the social networks of the claimant in order to find any clue that would stand against the claimant himself. It so happens sometimes that the person who met with the accident due to the fault of third party would have posted on his facebook wall that it was his mistake too. At other times, if there is any drinking and driving pictures, shared videos related saying that rash driving is fun to do or any such posts, tweets, videos, pictures – basically anything that can prove you to be careless in driving can be used by the insurance company.

What can be done to avoid such situations?

Imagine a funny picture that you posted or a video that you shared thinking it would get a lot of likes and comments is noticed and taken to be against you in a case. It doesn’t sound good but then this is happening. So it is good to avoid updating about your car accident and giving out any details online. Face book, twitter, LinkedIn and any other social networking site that you may be active on/have an account in, is better to be avoided using immediately after facing such accidents.

Cleaning social networks:

Since we do not know when such accidents might take place and we be a victim, it is good to clean up all our social networks. Just in case.,

Lawyers who represent people fighting insurance companies to receive their claims also say that over the past few years insurance companies are making use of the social networking sites to lower payouts to the claimant. This is because every tom, dick and harry is active on social networking sites almost all the time and updates everything about his life on it. This makes it easier for people to know what kind of a person he is and the incidents of his life.

Social networking sites are in here to make our life better by connecting to the people far off and being able to share things with them. Just make sure that the very same sites do not serve to limit you from the compensation you should be receiving, or even worse prove that you are at fault in the car accident case.

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