Saleen S7 2,200 horsepower on a dyno run [Video]

Posted on 11 September 2013 by Tony Santos

Let’s have a break from the Frankfurt Motor Show for the meantime and let us calm ourselves with the splendid and relaxing sounds of Saleen S7’s 2,200 horsepower on a dyno run. We can peacefully observe the serenity of the engine at 45-second mark of the video and from there you’ll have yourself the kind of heavenly feel. Now all you need to do and ready yourself with a video after the break that will surely let you fly to eternity.

We know that you’re very eager to play it. Now let us know how you feel?

Few interesting details about the video will be the S7 featured here is a AWD which is in contrast from standard which is just a rear-drive car –or is it just on the video? Or other thoughts that Saleen is cooking another supercar, but this could not be the one.

Source: Totalrace via YouTube

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