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Posted on 16 September 2013 by Tony Santos


At the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show, the Ford S-Max Concept vehicle has been revealed, giving a number of clues to what the production version of the MPV will be looking like. The concept is slated to replace the current Ford S-Max that is celebrating its seventh year in Ford’s lineup.

Going against the recently unveiled Ford concepts that used variations of the Iosis or Evos naming convention, the Ford S-Max Concept uses a production car tag, which as industry experts say, suggests that the design is near to a final version. However, despite this the unveiled concept was still constructed from composites and individually scanned prototype components.

According to Martin Smith, Ford’s design director, the S-Max has always been designed to be a “white space” car, which occupies a rather new market sector that was previously unidentified. He says, “We invented the sporty MPV, and it brought new customers to Ford – the sort of people who won’t drive a Galaxy or an estate car.”

Indeed, when asked, customers have described the current S-Max as sporting and dynamic, having a ‘dart-like’ profile. That, Martin says, has been the goal of Ford, to build more of that into the next iteration of the S-Max.

Martin further adds, “We want to tell the world we’ve understood the market. It retains the distinctive shape of the rear window glass, but it has the new face of Ford and more pronounced rear shoulders.”

Powered by a 1.5L, four cylinder EcoBoost engine, the new S-Max is part of a new family of cars that were developed from the 1.0L triple. In its already lengthy existence in the market, it has already captured the attention of buyers with rather deep pockets, with up to 70% of existing owners opting for the more expensive trim of the S-Max. And German’s seemed to agree with this trend.

Now, with the new variant, these same buyers are sure to not be disappointed. The Ford S-Max Concept takes design inspiration from themes at the latest Milan Furniture Fair, which uses warm, dark, brown colors, metal finishes and expensive silk carpeting in achieving its new design exploit of modern luxury theme.

Inside, the versatile interior of the S-Max Concept offers anything from four to seven-seat configurations and places the focus firmly on the driver. The high-set instrument panel, door panels and innovative interior roof design maximise its spaciousness.

Other features of the S-Mac Concept focuses on safety and convenience technologies. A number of such additions include: Intelligent Protection System with Pre-Collision Assist, which identifies pedestrians and automatically applies the brakes if a collision is imminent and Dual-View Display, which allows the driver to receive important information while at the same time other passengers are enjoying a movie on the center console.

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