Tesla Model S tops Porsche, Jaguar and Buick sales

Posted on 28 August 2013 by Tony Santos


 Efficiency and its advance car technology, the Tesla Model S tops the luxury car segment from the recent report of California New Car Dealers Association.

The report shows details that at the first part of the year, Tesla Model S has already dominated the new-vehicle registrations in the luxury car category. These includes 4,714 Model S vehicles registered in California for the first half of 2013, taking off sales from Audi A6 with 1,619 vehicles and Lexus GS with 2,298 units of registrations. These two competitors alone makes the 10-percent of luxury and sports car segment, with Tesla making its way with its own 12-percent.

Apparently, still Mercedes E-Class and BMW 5-Series with registered 6,582 and 6,077 units, respectively owns the top two spot in the luxury car category.

Interestingly, back in 2012 Tesla represents 0-percent share in the car registration chart —-Tesla now owns 0.6-percent share.

Here are the car manufacturers which Tesla overtook from California vehicle registration numbers:

  • Buick 0.5
  • FIAT 0.5
  • Land Rover 0.5
  • Lincoln 0.3
  • Porsche 0.5
  • Mitsubishi 0.3
  • Volvo 0.4
  • Jaguar 0.1

Again these percentages are from California alone, however, considering these numbers —-undoubtedly Tesla is on a pretty good start. And watch out, if the company would launch its affordable electric vehicles, you might see the current numbers of Toyota Prius and Honda Civic as the numbers registered by Tesla in the near future.

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