Mercedes S Class: A Luxurious and Self-Driving Car

Posted on 01 August 2013 by Tony Santos


There are hundreds of cars, which are much expensive, good looking, exclusive, and fastest, but S-Class is of its own kind, when it comes to uniqueness and style. In luxury parameters, S-Class is known to be the most favorable as well as considerable by people.

This Mercedes product is going to be officially released in 2014, but its features and looks have already fascinated lots of car lovers. Perfume dispenser and a hot stone-style seat are considered the top most features of this special Mercedes product.

Previous Launch of S Class:

The previous model of S Class was launched in 2005. The car was equipped with limited features. This next release is going to be a blockbuster for the buyers, as this model will facilitate them with unlimited automobile features, unbridled excess, and perfect luxury segments. Americans captured the images of more than 30000 S-Class varieties of cars i.e. S 550, S63, which shows their level of excitement.

Brand Identity:

Mercedes has been working on Brand Identity of S class for last few years and they are surely going to achieve their best. Automotive analyst Dave claimed that if you give a quick look at S Class competitors, you would notice that we are working hard on its brand identity to compete the market.

This effort of Mercedes compelled other competitors to introduce new car models. Thus, Hyundai introduced the Equus few years back and is still making necessary updates in luxury Sedan, which is about to be introduced in 2014. This Korean company is expecting to sell more than 2000 Equus cars in one year and is emphasizing more on high-value car making instead of economy brands. In addition to this, Cadillac is also going to introduce a new car model for strong competition.

Costly New Technologies:

Other S class models, especially S 550, have also helped other vendors and manufacturers with a solid platform to push new, fresh, and latest costly technologies. This includes cameras, radars, GPS, Sensors, sonar sensors, and much more. S 550 promises to provide all of these technologies along with the feature that it is capable to provide 360-degree view of the area around it.  This will also reduce the chances of accidents, which were taking place in the past and car crashes will be thoroughly avoided leading significant decrease in deaths and mishaps.

Mind Blowing S Class Internal Features:


S Class comes with sensors, which not only avoid collision of the cars but also allow S-Class to attain specific speeds. The car can speed up or slow down as per drivers’ needs keeping in notice the desired traffic loads. Moreover, car parking also becomes easy with a single touch of a button.


Two stereo cameras have been mounted perfectly within the car providing rear as well as front view to the driver along with complete road surface and side faces too. One can avoid any serious mishap using these cameras and can get alerts about road’s conditions.

CEO of Mercedes Benz was quite satisfied with his achievements when he explained few months back that he and his team want to stand on first position in automobile industry and this will surely be accomplished after the successful launch of Model S Class of Mercedes Benz.

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