2013 Frankfurt Motor Show: BMW to Showcase Six New Vehicles

Posted on 21 August 2013 by Tony Santos


The 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show is just around the corner, and of course, a lot of us are very excited to know and ready ourselves for some great new BMW cars that will be showcased on the event. Among the many car manufacturers that are slated to participate, BMW is arguably one of those who have their hands full, with a line-up of at least six new cars for the show.

Quite expectedly, the long-awaited BMW i3 will be one of the company’s main attractions, along with the production-ready variant of the BMW i8 hybrid supercar. It is also expected that the BMW 4series will be debuting in the event, as well as the M4 Concept. The latter is rumoured to be powered by a turbocharged, six-cylinder engine rated at around 450bhp. The BMW CAT, which should rival the Mercedes B-class, and the X5 wraps up the German automaker’s lineup for the motor show. For a quick glimpse and preview of what these cars are capable of, well, you’d have to read on to for that.


BMW i3

The BMW i3 is the company’s first every zero-emission, mass-produced vehicle powered by an electric powertrain. Another first is that the i3 made BMW the first company to fully launch a volume production vehicle on the market that packs carbon fiber reinforced plastic that is primarily aimed at improving the i3’s energy consumption efficiency. The official driving range of the i3 is pegged at 130 to 160km, while when used in the most efficient driving mode the i3 could potentially reach up to 200km.

An added option to be offered by the company called Rex or range extender transforms the i3 from being a pure electric vehicle to a hybrid, adding a 647cc, two-cylinder gasoline engine and a 9L fuel tank that is triggered whenever the battery level drops to critical. This configuration further extends the range of the i3 to about 240 to 300km.


BMW i8

The BMW i8, sharing the same i-Series with the i3, was first introduced as a concept, plug-in hybrid vehicle. In 2009 and 2008, initial turbo-diesel and gasoline-powered concept cars, respectively, were unveiled at the year’s Frankfurt Motor Show.

Just a few days ago, BMW presented a production-ready prototype of the i8 that packs an internal combustion engine, electric motor, power electronics, liquid cooling systems and a battery. The prototype is said to average a fuel efficiency of less than 2.5L per 100km, with carbon emissions of less than 59g/km. Similar to the i3, the i8 features a carbon fiber reinforced plastic body that provides for better fuel economy and aerodynamics.

Further upping the excitement for the i8 is the integrated BMW eDrive technology that is said to offer dynamic performance sports car-like performance, with a published 0-60mph in less than 4.5seconds.


BMW 4series

The BMW 4series, which was first publicized through an official press release last December, is set to replace the current 3series coupe to help the company further differentiate its more sporty offerings.

Technically speaking, the 4series will be sharing all the technical features of the F30 3series. Except for the 2+2 seating configuration, the interior and exterior styling will be patterned to the 3series. However, there would be some subtle differences, such as the slightly longer wheelbase at 110.6inches, increased front and rear tracks (60.8 and 62.7 inches respectively), wider and lower stance (71.9 and 53.6inches, respectively). Although the 4series already debuted this January in Detroit’s North American International Auto Show, it is still very exciting, at least for the European market, to finally have a chance to meet the 4series.


BMW M4 Concept

Revealed alongside the 2014 428i coupe in Pebble Beach California few days ago, the BMW M4 Concept coupe shows off the daring design and styling of designer Florian Nissl with its one-off, gold-dust color, short front overhang, long hood and rearward cabin.

Unfortunately, no technical details were provided by the company. However, what was well noted in the reveal was the wide wheel arches and a redesigned Gurney bubbles on the roof further distinguishes the M4 amongst the competition. For more details under the hood, we might just have to wait for BMW’s showing in Frankfurt.



The BMW CAT, or Concept Active Tourer, already premired at the Outdoor Friedrichshafen in Germany, and is said to have evolved for the nature and cycling enthusiasts. It has been tweaked with new materials, accessories and features that will benefit those who love spending time outdoors.

Under the hood, we have a similar plug-in hybrid system that was already available since last year. The CAT packs a 1.5L, turbocharged, 3-cylinder engine paired with an electric motor and battery pack to provide a total output of 190bhp and 147lb-ft of torque. The CAT is front-wheel drive, and boasts of a 0-60mph rating of just under 8seconds. With a pure electric configuration, that BMW CAT can reach up to 19miles, with a top speed of 124mph.



The BMW X5, with its aggressive off-road looks, amazing driving dynamics and ergonomic cabin, the previous generation X5 leads its class in almost all respects. As such, the upcoming third generation X5 is expected to be smarter, more fuel efficient and more capable than ever.

Historically, the BMW X5 has been branded by the company as a SAV or Sport Activity Vehicle to cement its on-road capabilities compared to other SUVs.

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