Does the Fiat Ducato have what it takes as a camper?

Posted on 28 June 2013 by Tony Santos


Motorhome holidays are on the rise, with these relatively inexpensive trips offering a great chance to explore a huge mix of areas. After all, what could be nicer than simply picking a point on the map and driving off to enjoy it without having to worry about expensive hotel or accommodation arrangements?

That’s certainly the view being shared by excited online communities who are all welcoming the the Fiat Ducato with open arms – but why are they so excited? As it’s made by Fiat, a company which has truly pitched its tent in the automotive market, they know this is going to be a model worth learning more about.

What’s new?

The new edition features its Ducato engine range; a motor of increased power which also is more eco-friendly than previous models. It also features ninth-generation ESP (Electric Stability Control), suspension specially designed for handling motorhomes and a luxurious dashboard with CD and USB functionality.

Fiat has always prided itself on pushing the envelope when it comes to streamlining of cutting-edge technology into the driving experience but recently it’s also been a major leader in promoting eco-friendly methods of getting around in your camper. This isn’t just a quick trend though but strongly taps into a consumer base that values the importance of nature alongside the importance of a camping vehicle. After all it’s nature which so many people are eager to explore and it makes sense for the vehicles responsible for the exploration to be green.

Riding the social wave

That certainly doesn’t mean Fiat is putting the brakes on its commitment to using the latest technology throughout its approach to vehicle design though. In fact, social technology is at the heart of the new Fiat Ducato as its Facebook page ‘Fiat Ducato Camper’ is absolutely chock-a-bloc with camping enthusiasts sharing their favourite adventures about using Fiat models to explore the outdoors.

With so many people lining up to excitedly share their enthusiasm about being the proud owner of a Fiat Ducato Passenger it’s no surprise that the models are still selling well and attracting a new generation of fans. Whether you take a look at the Facebook page first or head straight to the showroom, this is one vehicle which we expect to do particularly well over coming months as caravan lovers seek a vehicle which has the strength to support a mobile home whilst still performing adequately for everyday driving.

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