The Pros and Cons of Buying a Sports Car

Posted on 01 May 2013 by Tony Santos

Many drivers dream of owning a luxury sports car. Whether you had posters of these super-sleek machines on your bedroom wall as a child or are looking for some more excitement on the road, a sports car is a symbol of speed, luxury, affluence and style

Unlikely though it sounds, a report published by the BBC showed that women are more attracted to a man with a flashy and expensive vehicle. However, the same study also reported that women are well aware of such a man’s true intentions which made him a less desirable prospect for a potential husband.

Nevertheless, before making a potentially expensive investment, it is important to research the pros and cons of buying a sporty new vehicle. Although you may be longing for a beautiful addition to your garage, you must consider the multitude of implications. Here is what to consider.


  • Status symbol: ownership of a sports car indicates a certain amount of flair and style. These types of vehicles are typically driven by the wealthy, famous and noteworthy.
  • Speed and performance: built with a unique driving experience in mind, sports cars offer unrivalled levels of speed and performance. Fantastic for linear driving and even better with corners, driving down an ordinary country road will be a hugely exhilarating experience. What’s more, you’ll be able to take advantage of track days at motorsport circuits to fully utilise your car’s racing credentials.
  • Investment: if you’re thinking long-term, buying a sports car can be a potentially great investment. The value of some classic sports cars has massively increased in recent years, making the original outlay well worth it. While you can never tell how much a car will be worth in 20 years, it is a good idea to conduct thorough research about limited edition models.
  • A new interest: purchasing a kit car you intend to assemble yourself can be a great and thoroughly rewarding pastime. You may also become part of an owner’s club, make a new group of friends and attend weekend events.


  • Safety: even though a modern sports car will contain all manner of safety features, the temptation to go fast and take risks is heightened, meaning the possibility of a collision is increased. A road accident claim can potentially result in significant damages for the victim. However, there shouldn’t be any victims as a result of your driving, so bear this in mind.
  • Running costs: in addition to poor fuel economy resulting in several trips to the pump and a high insurance group meaning a costly annual premium, day-to-day expenses associated with owning a sports car can be astronomical. Repairs will potentially require expensive replacements, regular services to keep the vehicle in top condition are a necessity and you may even need to hire a garage to keep it safe.
  • Practicality: more often than not, a sports car will have little to no room for rear-seat passengers and a limited amount of space in the boot. Although the main purpose of a sports car isn’t practicality, these disadvantages could become frustrating.

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