Cheap Car Delivery Services in the US

Posted on 14 May 2013 by Tony Santos


Usually, moving a car from one place to another simply requires getting in and driving your vehicle. However, for long distances, especially overseas, other means would be necessary. Nowadays, car delivery services range from professional auto transportation services to amateur drivers or college students on spring break. Typically, what you eventually choose is dictated by your budget and your preferred means of transportation. Here, we discuss a handful of cheap car delivery service alternatives when it comes to moving your beloved car from point A to point B.

Truck Delivery Services

In the US, the most popular means of auto transportation is through truck delivery services. Most of the time, commercial car shippers use open-air trailers similar to the ones used for new cars being delivered to dealerships nationwide.

Albeit a bit more expensive, specifically around 60% more, an alternative to open-air trailers are enclosed trucks. These are great options for transporting either in the middle of some weather disturbance or when transporting high-end or brand new vehicles. Enclosed trucks typically provide more peace of mind to customers that their prized possessions do not take unintended damage when being transported.

For starters, you might want to check out the following car delivery services:

American Auto Transporters Montway Auto Transport
Auto Transport 123 Initial Logistics LLC
A to Z Auto Shipping Door To Door Transport
AmeriFreight Inter-City Auto Transport
Car-Go Automotive Group Affordable Auto Transportation Inc.

When talking to shippers, be sure to note their preferred mode of transporting your vehicle. Some cheaper ones offer terminal-to-terminal transport, which means they move cars between certain city hubs, unloading and loading your car to other trucks to make the entire service faster and more efficient. On the other hand, other more expensive shippers offer door-to-door transport, which is generally safer.

For more information,, and share some great insight regarding these services.

Other Alternatives

A more expensive alternative to Truck Delivery Services are Professional Driver Services. If you don’t mind adding extra mileage to your car, this type of auto transport is great for relatively short distances, with some companies even allowing transport of personal belongings inside the vehicle.

A less expensive albeit riskier variation of Driver Services is through non-professional means. If money is a bit short, consider hiring a trustworthy acquaintance or even a student on vacation to do the transport for you.


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