4 cars most likely to be caught speeding

Posted on 01 May 2013 by Tony Santos

Britain’s roads are a dangerous place. Even with the vast number of speed cameras on the UK’s roads, speeding is still prolific amongst the country’s drivers, which, if nothing else, is keeping Road Accident Lawyers in business.

Received wisdom tells us that young people are the most likely to speed there’s never a shortage of news stories about boy racers. With this in mind, you may be surprised to find the cars that speed-freaks prefer are not what you might assume and far removed from the stereotypical souped-up Vauxhall Astra.

Here are the four cars most likely to be caught speeding in the UK.

Land Rover Discovery

  1. Land Rover Discovery

 If you drive around on Britain’s roads for long enough, the chances are that you’ll eventually see a Land Rover Discovery TDV6 HSE in your rear view mirror – probably beckoning to you to change lanes, as they attempt to pass.

Land Rover may be historically renowned for building off-road cars used largely by farmers, but with 26 per cent of Land Rover Discovery drivers being convicted for exceeding the speed limit, these cars are, by some way, the most likely to be caught speeding in the UK.

 Range Rover Sport

  1. Range Rover Sport

The Range Rover Sport TDV6 HSE is one of the status symbols of the motoring world. Driven by country dwellers and city slickers alike, it’s also the car of choice for many celebrities, the car to be seen in.

It is no surprise, therefore, with the propensity of their owners to show off, that the Range Rover Sport TDV6 HSE is the second most likely car to be caught speeding on the UK’s roads, with 20 per cent of owners having being convicted of exceeding the statutory speed limit.

 BMW 3 Series

  1. BMW 3 Series


The BMW 320 DM Sport is a favourite among those drivers looking for a sleek, powerful, diesel saloon. With BMW’s reputation for building high-performance vehicles, it should come as no surprise that drivers of the BMW 320 DM Sport tend to get a little carried away on the open road, with another 20 per cent of drivers having picked up a speeding ticket, earning themselves three points on their licence in the process.

 Ford S Max

  1. Ford S-Max Titanium

A smart-looking family car, the Ford S-Max Titanium is perhaps the last vehicle that you would expect to find on this list.

It seems, however, that no matter whether there are children are on board or not, Ford S-Max Titanium drivers continually find themselves in a rush. With 20 per cent of Ford S-Max Titanium drivers having been fined for speeding, it seems that boy racers aren’t the only ones looking to get to their destination in a hurry.

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