Tips When Installing Car Window Decals

Posted on 08 April 2013 by Tony Santos

The installation of decals onto the body of a car is a relatively slow but easy process. Installing car window decals is a very similar as long as you follow instructions and the decal was designed to fit the space designated for it. Below are further tips and tricks for installing decals on to car windows.


The first step when installing window decals is to clean the window with a glass cleaner and allow it thoroughly dry. Using a tape measure find the center point of the window or the area of the window the decal will be applied to. Place the decal on the area and tape the top to the window to secure it. This will stop it from falling off during application. Take a step back and make sure the decal is positioned correctly.

As soon as the position is correct lift up the graphic and begin to tear the backing paper on the right side. As you apply the decal use a squeegee to press down any bubbles that might form. Start in the center of and move outward to push air out from under the material.

Once the right side of the decal is secure it is time to move to the left side. Start the same process of removing the backing paper and use the squeegee to press out air. Take another step back from the window and check the work. If needed, use a razor blade around the edges of the window to remove any material that runs over to the body of the decal.

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