Deciding to Use Car Wraps

Posted on 08 April 2013 by Tony Santos

Car wraps are a popular item for many mobile businesses. Still, the product alone is a major investment beyond just the money that is spent. Installation and maintenance also play a role in the overall cost. The graphics do have a strong visual impact and can be customized to almost every possible need but the planning and execution process should be thought through. Below are great questions to think about when deciding to invest in car wraps.


 How many vehicles?

Most car wrap consumers do not purchase a full wrap for just one vehicle. It is usually for a fleet of vehicles. For large businesses this is beneficial because the fleet will be driving all over town or the country. If the wrap is just for one car a better choice would be small car signage.

What is the budget?

Prices vary depending on the size of the car, truck, or large vehicle. Either way it is quite possible for the cost to range into the four figures not including installation. Installation costs are somewhat mandatory. Self-installation is possible but a certified installer is recommended.

Can I install the car wrap?

The multi-part installation process is complicated and should be handled by professionals. A mistake on a car wrap can be considered a waste of money. Not using professional installers is a risk worth taking. If self-installation is mandatory an alternative to car wraps are large car decals or magnets.

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