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The Best Commercial Pick-ups of 2013

Posted on 24 April 2013 by Tony Santos

For commercial builders and tradesman, or lovers of the great outdoors, pick-up trucks have become the vehicle of choice. These crossover vehicles provide you with plenty of space for everything, from tools and work materials, to mountain bikes and camping equipment. However, they still ride like a regular car and can comfortably fit up to five people in spacious double cab surroundings. Continue reading “The Best Commercial Pick-ups of 2013” »

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The 5 Most Inspirational Racing Drivers

Posted on 22 April 2013 by Tony Santos

Professional race car drivers inspire awe in most people as they whip around the track at speeds that would make most people lose their minds. It is not a sport for the faint hearted. There are, however, several professional drivers who have inspired fans on a special level with their accomplishments over the years in unique ways. Here are five of the most inspirational race car drivers. Continue reading “The 5 Most Inspirational Racing Drivers” »

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Should it be a Hybrid or an Electric Auto?

Posted on 19 April 2013 by Tony Santos


The general public is now more aware of environmental concerns and gas prices have risen. Alternatively-fueled vehicles have become much more popular, with almost 500,000 purchased in the United States in 2012, and hybrids and pure electric autos are the most readily-available options. Anyone seeking to purchase a car would do well to read the hybrid and electric car reviews by Motoring. Continue reading “Should it be a Hybrid or an Electric Auto?” »

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Vantastic: the Ducato does it all

Posted on 18 April 2013 by Tony Santos


What image do you conjure up when you hear the name Fiat? A cute Punto or maybe a little Panda? Well, the Ducato might just help you change your impression of this iconic car brand. Continue reading “Vantastic: the Ducato does it all” »

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Best ways to upgrade your car stereo system

Posted on 08 April 2013 by Tony Santos

car-cd-playerMany cars, particularly if you have one that was manufactured a while ago, are no longer compatible with modern music playing trends. Their sound systems sound terrible, especially if they are crippled by a tape deck player. Now that’s the time you’ll need to upgrade your car audio system and probably grab car decorations to further customize the looks the way you want it. Continue reading “Best ways to upgrade your car stereo system” »

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Deciding to Use Car Wraps

Posted on 08 April 2013 by Tony Santos

Car wraps are a popular item for many mobile businesses. Still, the product alone is a major investment beyond just the money that is spent. Installation and maintenance also play a role in the overall cost. The graphics do have a strong visual impact and can be customized to almost every possible need but the planning and execution process should be thought through. Below are great questions to think about when deciding to invest in car wraps. Continue reading “Deciding to Use Car Wraps” »

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Tips When Installing Car Window Decals

Posted on 08 April 2013 by Tony Santos

The installation of decals onto the body of a car is a relatively slow but easy process. Installing car window decals is a very similar as long as you follow instructions and the decal was designed to fit the space designated for it. Below are further tips and tricks for installing decals on to car windows.


The first step when installing window decals is to clean the window with a glass cleaner and allow it thoroughly dry. Using a tape measure find the center point of the window or the area of the window the decal will be applied to. Place the decal on the area and tape the top to the window to secure it. This will stop it from falling off during application. Take a step back and make sure the decal is positioned correctly.

As soon as the position is correct lift up the graphic and begin to tear the backing paper on the right side. As you apply the decal use a squeegee to press down any bubbles that might form. Start in the center of and move outward to push air out from under the material.

Once the right side of the decal is secure it is time to move to the left side. Start the same process of removing the backing paper and use the squeegee to press out air. Take another step back from the window and check the work. If needed, use a razor blade around the edges of the window to remove any material that runs over to the body of the decal.

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Motorbikes Versus Cars – Which Method Of Transport Is Safer?

Posted on 03 April 2013 by Tony Santos

Motorbike vs. carsThere are approximately 34 million vehicles happily driving around UK roads and while most journeys are generally incident free, there are some which end in accident.

The number of road accidents each year is around 200,000 and there are so many reasons why these accidents occur every year. Human reaction time can be a high factor in many accidents and tiredness, drugs or drink driving can all lead to collisions. Sometimes you can be involved in an accident through no fault of your own and this can be particularly distressing – although personal injury solicitors could help you seek compensation for your injuries.

Which vehicle is safest?

Considering the structure of a car and a motorcycle, it is often presumed that a motorcycle may be less safe on the roads, but is this really the case?

In 2011, the road accident statistics indicated that of all the accidents that occurred on the UK roads that year, 46% (883 people) of fatalities on the roads were those in cars, whereas 19% (362 people) of the fatalities were on motorcycles. This may lead you to the conclusion that perhaps motorcycles are actually safer than cars, but this is just one way to look at the available statistics.

The total number of casualties on the roads in 2011 equate to 124,924 for cars and 20,150 for motorcycles. However, it is worth remembering that motorcyclists account for a much smaller proportion of the total traffic. In fact, while they account for just 1% of road traffic, motorcyclists are involved in as much as 20% of road deaths. Those on motorcycles are statistically 40 times more likely to be killed in an accident, compared to those in a car.

Stay safe on the roads

Ultimately, no matter what vehicle you are travelling in, accidents can happen at any time. Motorcycles can be involved in accidents due to many reasons and due to their small size, they are often missed by other vehicles until it is too late to react. While they may be considered more dangerous, it could be argued that other drivers should be more vigilant when it comes to looking for motorcycles on the road.

It is not always the fault of drivers though; sometimes the road could be slippery or a pedestrian may walk out without looking. This can cause more problems for motorcycles than for other vehicles, due to the structure of the vehicle itself.

So the next time you set out on the road, whether in a car or a motorcycle, be aware of other drivers and potential hazards. Target your driving to the situation at hand and make sure you follow basic safety procedures at all times to protect yourself, your passengers and those around you.

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