2014 Toyota Tacoma: Rumors and Predictions

Posted on 11 March 2013 by Tony Santos

2013 Toyota Tacoma

Toyota has revealed that the 2014 Toyota Tacoma, a midsized pickup truck manufactured in the US, Mexico and Japan and winner of the 2005 Motor Trend Magazine’s Truck of the Year, is already on the pipeline, with the company promising to combine efficiency, luxury and performance into one, mean off-road machine.

For the engine, fans and enthusiasts alike could expect a four-cylinder or six-cylinder direct injection variant. Either a 2.7L or 3.5L version could be used, varying the Tacoma’s wallop from 190bhp to 260bhp and torque from 200lb-ft to 260lb-ft. Six-speed automatic or manual transmissions are expected of the 2014 Tacoma, which could be offered in a four-cylinder, two-wheel drive base configuration approaching 30mpg mileage or a six-cylinder, four-wheel drive performance configuration with a 26mpg mileage.

Leaked information on the 2014 Tacoma’s new features: (1) a bigger fuel tank design and (2) a more stylish and aggressive body compared to its predecessor. The said exterior changes not only contribute to the Tacoma’s appeal, more importantly it is said to provide an increase in aerodynamics and consequently, its fuel economy. A new dashboard is also said to be coming, with the large buttons of the previous generation retained but now with an improved overall layout.

Lastly, variable valve timing (VVT) technology, which Toyota has long employed, is also said to be possibly incorporated into the 2014 Tacoma. A more efficient electric motor, in place of the old hydraulic steering pump, is also expected.

Although the automaker failed to announce the release date and sticker price for the 2014 Tacoma, circulating rumors suggest that a late 2013 unveiling with prices starting from $17,265 for Tacoma cost of ownership is very probable.

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