Renault Koleos: big news in Australia and India

Posted on 22 February 2013 by Tony Santos


Let’s be honest: if you were to name three Renault models you know well, Koleos probably wouldn’t be one of them. Yet notoriety alone doesn’t say much about the true value of this car. We’re talking of a crossover which does everything a good crossover should do: practical yet stylish, its two souls allow it to deliver both off and on the road.  While this vehicle didn’t enjoy much success in the UK market, it’s mostly in the Indian and Australian market that Renault Koleos was warmly welcomed by local drivers. Down Under, Koleos sales doubled in 2012, going up to 847 from the previous year’s 445.

Riding the wave of success, good Koleos news abounded in recent weeks: in Australia, the Privilege diesel model has been added to the range, bringing a performing option for the top of the range diesel. This 2.0-litre CVT engine delivers 110kW/320Nm and consumes 7.6 litres every 100km, a decent figure for such a performing vehicle. Coming with 18-inch alloy wheels and dual-zone climate control among the rest, the Privilege 42D diesel will start from $45,490.

Meanwhile, across the Ocean, Indian drivers have welcomed favourably the gossip about the Koleos MPV, which should be launched in 2014-15 and is expected to be cheaper than the current Renault Koleos models. With improved off-road features, the MPV will have fuel economy as a priority. A sleek, uniquely French response to affordable and performing Japanese crossovers, the Koleos MPV will take on from the Renault R-concept which was presented at 2012’s Geneva Motor Show.

With such developments in the pipeline, Koleos is now ready to go from strength to strength in the Australian and Indian market. The next few years will surely be crucial to the future of this ambitious model.

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