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Posted on 06 February 2013 by Tony Santos

car-cd-playerIt may not seem like the most obvious subject to write a song about; but then again if you think hard about what most men love marginally less than their lady, their car is probably going to come to mind. There are hundreds of songs out there dedicated to driving and cars and they range from the sublime to the ridiculous but among these are some superb anthems all constructed around the humble motor.

The only thing that can ruin these great tracks is tuning into them in a unreliable rust bucket so if you’re looking for a new year upgrade then now is the time; whether you want something for the family from the hatchback cars range or something little with a lot of punch like a small 4×4 from MINI, Check out our list of top tunes, which promise to sound as good off the road as on it:

Little Red Corvette – Prince: One of the ultimate party tunes, this song is sure to get you up and dancing at home or tapping on the wheel if you’re stuck in your car on a long journey. Prince is the perfect antidote to the dreaded traffic jam.

No Particular Place to Go – Chuck Berry: This is an old school bluesy tunes for when you’re in the mood to listen to some classic rock and roll. This is great if you’re having a nostalgic day.

Cars – Gary Newman: Probably THE ultimate electro anthem. Whether you remember if from the first time round or if you’re far too young maybe your parents can introduce it to you; this catchy classic with a thumping beat is sure to get stuck in your head for days!

Fast Car – Tracy Chapman: If you’re feeling forlorn and you want something to listen and wallow to, then Tracy Chapman’s mournful ditty is the only choice when you want to indulge in feeling decidedly desolate.

Drive My Car – Beatles: On the other hand, if you’re walking on sunshine then stick on the perfect pop anthem from the Fab Four for guaranteed smiles.

Mustang Sally – Wilson Picket, This is the ultimate karaoke choice and no matter who you are, you’re sure to know all the words to this timeless tune. A great song for when you want to wind your windows down, whack up the volume on your radio and really enjoy the sun.

So if your big love is your ride then maybe it’s time to take some tips from our list and make a mixtape or iPod playlist to show your motor what it means to you!

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