Sporty SUV for a tougher move

Posted on 17 January 2013 by Tony Santos

Sporty SUV

Cars are the most convenient mode of transport and people love cars as much as anything. There is one segment of vehicle that is built for toughness, style and power. And that segment is SUV or Sport Utility Vehicle. As the name suggests, this segment of vehicle is mostly for tough drivers who love to drive in style and power. The main feature of SUV that makes it different from cars is the design and power of vehicle. Most SUVs are big, sturdy and loaded with specifications suitable for off-road drive or to travel quite longer distance from one city to another or longer. It is built to suit any driving conditions like tough terrains, mountain areas, rough roads and even wild areas like forests and jungles.

Features and Benefits in a SUV

Though most of the features in SUV remain similar to other segment of cars, what really makes it stand out in style is the size. It is huge and powerful and often described as monster on road. The engine of an SUV is very powerful than any other vehicle and boasts four wheel drive which cannot be incorporated in other segments of cars. Four wheel drive is nothing but all four wheels powered by engine that makes driving in impossible terrains and mountain regions, possible. The fuel tank capacity is very high allowing it to drive much longer distance in one go. The interiors are very spacious and hence most of the SUVs have seating capacity of 8 passengers including the driver. The engine itself is built to handle the toughest of driving conditions. The word “Sport” is included in the segment name because of its capability of driving in off-road conditions like desserts, mountains and valleys.

If you are someone who frequently travel on highways and longer distance then an SUV is perfect for a comfortable and convenient driving. And SUVs nowadays like Renault Duster are built with combination toughness of an SUV and luxury of a Sedan. This has made a revolutionary change in the SUV segment driving manufacturers transform SUVs into luxury vehicle. Because many people choose SUVs even for use in city conditions, the need for adding some luxury becomes essential. Since change is inevitable, the perception of an SUV had to change too. And the idea of adding all the benefits of a sedan simply makes it a better choice to a sedan. And hence SUVs are going to become more expensive than sedan soon.

Who needs an SUV?

If you are a person who just drives with in the city and never plan to drive off-road then SUV is not for you. But if you want to use vehicle for dual purpose, that is you want drive to you office during weekdays but love to frequently travel outside the city on weekends. Then SUV is definitely for you.

Overall, an SUV is a sporty vehicle with stylish looks, powerful engine, rich in features and luxurious in comfort loaded with spacious interiors, safety, huge luggage space and rough driving capabilities.

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