Buying New, Staying Classic

Posted on 15 January 2013 by Tony Santos


When buying a new car, you’re always faced with a wide choice. Manufacturers always bring out new models and new ranges. Whilst these all have their advantages and appeal, you’re often dealing with uncertain ground.

With this in mind, you might want to look to the more established and reliable ranges available, such as the mercedes e class series of vehicles. These ranges have been around longer; giving them more unique advantages yet they still bring out new models on a regular basis. As such, you can take the very latest and most modern car available; giving you the most modern driving experiences available but with comfort and reliability generated though familiarisation.

An Established Reputation

There is a key difference between car ranges and manufacturers are aware of this. A well established car series will have a strong reputation and any car designer has a job to uphold this reputation with the later models. If they don’t, such a range will simply become a thing of the past.

As a consumer, this means you know what you’re getting; a standard business principal when it comes to selling. Yet, as a driver, it suggests a driving experience and quality that you’re already partially familiar with. This is a problem with brand new ranges that have no prior history to compare the car to. If you know and enjoyed the experience of a range previously then there’s no reason not to go back to it and see if it’s still the same (or perhaps even better with today’s motoring innovations).

The Name

Of course, the name itself carries a lot of the reputation. If you want a car that’s stylish, fashionable or simply gets attention, then you want a car with a strong history. A name can add a lot of weight to a car; this is why the name stays in your memory for so long.

This works on a similar principle to the manufacturer itself. Just as manufacturers like Mercedes are known for high quality and driving performance in their vehicles, so are the key ranges that they offer. Both the name of the brand and the class become synonymous with the qualities the manufacturer promotes in their vehicle.

Old and New

So, as can hopefully be seen, if you’re looking for a new car you might want to combine the old and the new. This way, you get all the innovations and performance of a modern vehicle with the reliability and familiarity of an established range; perfect if you’re trying to make an impression.

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