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Posted on 12 December 2012 by Tony Santos

The technologies that we’re enjoying today, doesn’t just pops in the wild and built the world we live in today, it’s the fruit of the creative thinking by innovative futurists and visionaries. On a closer look, Bentley explores this concept meeting with these visionaries and filming how they give their interpretation and vision of the future from their creative minds. From here, you just need to hit the virtual jump, to listen and see how Federation International l’ Automobile President Jean Todt share his unique perspective on the “Future of the Automobile.”

The President of the FIA (Federation Internationale de l’Automobile) JeanTodt share his visions for the Future of the Automobile. Todt perfectly describes Bentley’s concept of innovative visionaries. From his epic background on the motoring field, he clearly sees how the technology evolved from the day that he has been an intrepid rally co-driver, Peugeot motorsport boss, Scuderia Ferrari Team Principal, Ferrari CEO – this is a man who has always had a plan, but none as ambitious as the one he currently finds himself with: to tackle the road deaths epidemic, particularly in developing nations.

Apart from formulating a cure for cancer-like epidemic of road accidents, FIA also unites worldwide motor organizations.

Bentley will also feature innovators such bespoke tailor Clive Darby, musical innovator Jean-Michel Jarre, Lalique CEO Silvio Denz and World Land Speed Record holder Wing Cdr Andy Green. Watch out for their creative films on how they interpret and sees the future from their unparalleled thinking.

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