Why It Pays To Compare Car Insurance Rates

Posted on 30 November 2012 by Tony Santos

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Insurance is a necessity for Canadians, and in fact, most Canadians have multiple policies in place. These policies may include auto insurance, life insurance, homeowners’ insurance and other forms of coverage. Some of these policies may be optional, but others may be required by law or by your lending institutions. While these and other types of coverage all provide you with numerous financial benefits as well as peace of mind, it is important to note that policies can vary significantly. Just as you compare mortgage rates before you apply for a new home mortgage, you can and should compare insurance rates and policy details as well.

Saving Money

One of the most important benefits associated with comparing insurance rates relates to saving money on your coverage. Rates offered to you by different companies can vary significantly. Insurance rates are calculated by reviewing various factors, and different insurance companies weigh these factors using their own methods. In addition, insurance rates also are calculated based on the overhead of the company itself, so some companies will generally offer higher rates than others do. You can save money by shopping around and comparing rates. Most consumers will pay for their insurance premium on a monthly basis. Even those who pay quarterly or semi-annually often set aside a portion of money in their monthly budget to pay the premium in a lump sum. By saving money on this expense, you can reduce your regular expenses and free up money in your budget.

Coverage Details

You can also benefit significantly by comparing rates when you take note of different coverage details. When you gather rate estimates to compare, you will request quotes based on the same coverage. However, some insurance companies include certain types of coverage as a standard feature, and others will charge you an additional fee for those extra types of coverage. It is important to carefully review the coverage details so that you find the most inclusive policy that meets your needs. Of course, you should also consider if you need extra types of coverage that may be in place. Some insurance companies may be charging a slightly higher rate because of the inclusion of extra coverage that you don’t need.

As you can see, comparing insurance rates is important to do. There are several ways to make a rate comparison. You can contact various insurance companies on your own and request individual estimates, or you can use an insurance broker to gather estimates on your behalf. You may also use a mortgage rate comparison website like MortgageRates.ca to learn about the rates offered by different mortgage companies. While comparing insurance rates can take time, this is an effort that ultimately will benefit you in several ways.

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