Mahindra XUV 500 – The Highway Vehicle

Posted on 15 November 2012 by Tony Santos

Mahindra XUV 500 is not just another Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV). This completely in-house designed and developed vehicle is considered by many reputed car reviewers and users to be one of the best developed models for not only Indian road conditions but also for world wide terrains. With a strapping stance and elegant style, this vehicle is definitely a head turner. The style statement that it makes is certainly forceful! With a full tank capacity of 70 litres and a mileage of 15 km/ltr this is a very popular SUV. More information can be obtained from

Here are some of its important features:


    • mHawk 140 with 5th generation Variable Geometry Turbo(VGT) charger with direct injection diesel.
    • Cubic Capacity: 2179 cc
    • Maximum Gross Torque: 330 Nm @ 1600-2800 rpm
    • Maximum Gross Power: 140 Bhp @ 3750 rpm


    • Height(Overall) in cm – 178.5
    • Lenght(Overall) in cm – 458.5
    • Width(Overall) in cm – 189.0
    • Wheelbas in cm – 270.00
    • Gross Vehicle Weight: 2450 kg

 Suspension (Independent) with anti-roll bar:

    • Rear Suspension: Multilink type
    • Front: McPherson type


    • 175 kmph top speed
    • 0-60 kmph in 5.4 s
    • 0-100 kmph in 12.5 s

 Vehicle Interiors:

The floors are not very high and the doors of the vehicle open wide. These two features make it convenient for the driver and passengers to enter and exit.

The instrument panel has circular centers and all the dials are chrome-ringed.  The chunky steering wheel has a nice finish and is a pleasure to hold.

The air condition vents are of high quality and work very well in directing the flow of air.


The front seats are very supportive and have good bolstering. The adjustable lumbar support in the front seats make long drives easy to handle.

The seats in the middle row too have a generous bit of bolstering and enough room space for even a six footer to stretch comfortably. The third row of passenger seats are good for children or short statured people as they are do not have as much leg room as the first two rows of seats. The second row and the third row seats are also collapsible to make room for more storage space. There is enough storage space in the cabin to store many kinds of knick-knacks.


The 2.2 liter mHawk engine is the same as the one in Mahindra’s Scorpio model. There is a difference however. The placement of the motor is transverse and this enables the front wheels of the vehicle to be driven via a transaxle. Transmission rattles at low speeds is minimized as the dual-mass flywheel provides inertia to the rotating engine to smooth out the pulses.

When it comes to fuel consumption, Mahindra XUV 500 does get a high score. In city limits the consumption is 12.2kpl and in the highway it is 17.3kpl.


The three models of the car that are available in the market today are:

  1. Mahindra XUV 500 W6 2WD
  2. Mahindra XUV 500 W8 2WD
  3. Mahindra XUV 500 W8 4WD

 All these are 2179cc, Manual, Diesel vehicles.

You can learn more from You can also compare prices here and decide on the best suited model that would go with your budget and lifestyle.

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