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Posted on 30 November 2012 by Tony Santos

My First CarIt is one of the vivid memories of a teenager’s life when he or she gets a driver’s license and takes the keys for the first time. Sitting behind the wheel and driving a car is an ultimate rite of passage most everyone goes through at a young age.

While many can imagine taking the wheel, not many think about literally building the wheel.

Driving your first car is a way to show off independence. Building your first car, unless you are a gear nut or someone into auto magazines, is an experience that takes more than one person to accomplish. Children, both boys and girls, like to show off their independence once in a while, but tackling car construction is one of those bonding experiences. And yes, girls can be gear nuts too.

Building the car can be done anywhere. If there is enough room in the family garage then the construction can take place under the house roof. You could build the car anywhere, from the home garage to an Arlington, TX storage facility, or any warm-weather climate that offers a chance to work on cars year-round.

Don’t go crazy when it comes to building a car. Sure, you want to bond with a son or daughter over a set of wheels, but building a Cadillac as a first car could set your pocketbook back thousands of dollars. Instead, go for something a little more practical.

Most 1990s and 2000s vehicles like the Neon brand (from Chrysler/Dodge) offer chances to build a car without denting the wallet. Chevrolet’s Cavalier brand or any of the inexpensive Geo cars that Chevy offered in that time are also practical. Ford’s Fiesta and Festiva brands are solid vehicles, and the Probe sports car of the 1990s was a cheap yet practical vehicle.

Building a car can be done by one person, but having someone else with that person creates a chance to bond over the project. While constructing the car is the ultimate goal, lessons such as teamwork can be taught. The old expression “many hands make light work” rings true here. Four hands are better than two. There is a lot of grunt work to be done putting together the little parts of the vehicle, but imagine the thrill when larger parts of the car are finished.

With cooperation between two people the job will get done faster. That leaves the big moment at hand. The act of taking the keys, inserting them in the vehicle, turning the key and starting the car is the culmination of all that hard work.

That is a vivid memory a teenager – and his or her father or mother – can enjoy forever.

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