The luxury car makers and their serving to their hi tech clients

Posted on 15 October 2012 by Tony Santos

For the common man, an automobile is perhaps the most prized possession and is second to buying a home. However, for a small percentage of the wealthy, high-end expensive luxury cars are mere trifles and are not even given a second thought before purchase.

Highend Cars

Even for the wealthy, choosing the right automobile that enhances the public persona of the buyer amongst the affluent is again a major factor that decides the sales of a particular high-end car. Hence, the media is optimally used for effective marketing of such cars as the powerful and wealthy are inadvertently associated with big swanky luxury cars in advertisements. The target audience for the luxury car industry are the rich few and it becomes all the more important for them to retain their clientele in the face of acute competition from rivals who offer lower prices and similar features.

From BMW to Lamborghini, each automobile giant is associated with a niche element that is vital in its marketing and appeal to the rich and wealthy. Therefore, it becomes imperative for an automobile manufacturer to make his product viable and innovative with close competition from rival manufacturers. There are a lot of strategies that luxury car manufacturers employ in order to gauge the market potential and increase sales, particularly by serving their hi-tech clients well and enjoying their patronage. Earlier, these high-end cars were only targeted for the affluent individuals, however, the price tag has become more affordable and less wealthy individuals are also considering these cars. Media and advertising plays another vital role in creating a solid brand image and reinforcing the brand image of the luxury car in the consumer’s mind.

In order to curb growing rivalries and create a niche, these luxury car manufacturers find innovative means and methods to connect to their clientele. Hence, they make sure that their clients are updated and educated on the unique features of the automobile that they are selling as against the other huge market players. A regular maintenance of their client list is conducted along with various opportunities for meeting them and keeping their memory fresh in the client’s mind. Luxury car makers provide their customers a chance to customize their cars according to their personal preferences including the color.

The market for high-end luxury cars is limited and in order to exploit it to the maximum, it becomes crucial for the luxury car industry to keep their rich clientele fully informed and connected to ensure swift sales and profits.

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