Battle of In Car Multimedia: Ford Sync vs Honda i-Mid

Posted on 17 September 2012 by Tony Santos

Honda i-mid vs Ford Sync

Having a car with high tech multimedia system will really help in style and functionality. Two of the top car manufacturers Ford and Honda have just released car models that are installed with in car multimedia technology, and it is through it that smart phones and other devices can be connected and controlled wirelessly plus many other features that makes driving much more easy, safe, and fun. In this article, we will discuss Ford Sync and the Honda i-Mid.

How it Started?

Before we get to the Ford and Honda battle, let us briefly talk about how the in car multimedia concept started. As technology continues to exponentially grow, the world of LCD screens hit the market and their applications have landed onto the car scene. Voice technology too is flourishing, and car manufacturers have thought of a way to further up the ante of safety by implementing voice control for some car functions so drivers can concentrate more on the roads. The combination LCD screen and voice technology works hand in hand to have a wireless and digital way of manipulating car functionalities, and so far the reception of the market is very good.


Ford Sync

Ford Sync vs. Honda i-Mid

The two are really at top of their games in the modern in car multimedia system technology, but for those high tech car enthusiasts, here are part by part comparisons for you to decide on which is the car company that has the better in car multimedia concept.

1. Sound Power


The Ford Sync system can support up to 390 Watts of audio power that can support up to 12 speakers which results in a solid and powerful audio.


The i-Mid can support up to 360 Watts, 7 speaker audio systems that also results in high quality sound. Both Sync and i-Mid may be at level grounds on sound power and quality.


Honda I-mid

2. Speakers


Ford prefers to use Pandora, and Sony as their speakers that connect to the Sync system, especially its XPLOD line for high quality sound output.


Different Honda models do not isolate a single brand for their new i-Mid audio system. But Honda prefers to use the Pandora system too and Pioneer speakers that also offer a great audio experience.

3. GUI


Ford has done a great job with its Sync MyFord Touch as the user can view the GUI in 3 different LCD screens. The 8 inch main center console screen unified the important functions such as GPS, entertainment functions, hands free functions, climate controls etc. All 3 LCD screens are colourful to look at too.


Navigating around a similarly sized 8 inch i-Mid screen is as easy as the Sync. Just touch or swipe away at the strategically placed buttons in the screen to access functions easily. Clearly Sync is at an advantage for having two extra 4.2 inch LCD screens for more information display.

4. Ergonomics


The Sync’s fonts that appear on screen are beautifully and stylishly made. The screen objects are also color coded for style. Organizing functions can be done too with the available short cut functions. You may also change the looks of the home screen and digital gauges for more flare and personality!


The i-Mid resembles a more basic design. Both the new Honda CRV and Civic has the screen placed beautifully in the dash board with a blue text and object theme. Uploading pictures to set them up as wallpapers are also possible for a personalized look just like with the Sync.

5. User Friendliness


Due to the color coded nature of objects in the Sync, users can easily navigate around its functions. Touch buttons too are quite big and arranged well for added comfort for touch and selectivity. With the 8 inch center screen, and two 4.2 inches side screens, you can find and control different functions with ease.


The i-Mid’s single 8 inches screen has an overall black and blue theme that seems non-changeable so color coding for it may not be available. But still, navigating around its functions is quite easy as with the Sync, as both systems offer responsive voice and touch based controls.

6. Voice System


Both Sync and i-Mid allows one to execute hands free commands for the car. The main difference lies in the voice service system used. Sync uses Ford’s SYNC Services, and its major function is for hands free navigation support, as you can be given a turn by turn direction for your destination.


Honda uses its Satellite-Linked Navigation with Voice Recognition system for the hands free functionalities. You may also be given turn by turn directions too just like Sync. Again, this might be a tie for both systems due to the innovative and responsive voice technologies.

7. Smart Phone Compatibility


Sync works in different ways depending on the mobile phone used. But thanks to its flexibility, it can be used in 3 major phone platforms namely the Apple, Android, and Blackberry! Executing calls and SMS messaging via Bluetooth can be done on all 3 platforms.


The Sync may hold an advantage here as Honda’s i-Mid may limit phone models that can be connected to it. But for sure, the Apple iPhone can be used in the i-Mid system.

8. Other Functions


To further solidify our verdict, let us look at the other functions worth mentioning for both systems. Sync MyFord Touch also offers ambient lightning control in an easy way, which can give options in light color and intensity to suit your moods. SYNC Services can also display videos to deliver traffic information, news, and sports. Climate control can also be made for added comfort, and a handy driving efficiency display is also available to let you know your average and current efficiency so you can adjust as needed. The most useful and neat feature perhaps is the 911 assist, that allows your connected phone to dial 911 automatically should a collision happen, which also sends out your current location for immediate rescue!


Like Sync, you can browse through music using your connected device, and the radio system is advanced with its SiriusXM Canada Satellite Radio for some Honda models. Taking and making calls hands free is made easy too. The system won’t be left behind by Sync as it can display all those important information too like fuel consumption etc. A multi-angle ear view camera works in tandem with the i-Mid so you can be guided as you go reverse.

What are Special about Sync and i-Mid and the Verdict

Hands free and innovative features of modern day in car multimedia system are very special in a sense that the driving luxury experience is taken to a whole new level. Both the Ford Sync and Honda i-Mid bring to the table new technologies, but when the two are compared, the Sync might have a significant edge over its i-Mid rival as it possesses more innovative functions than the i-Mid such as the very useful 911 support. Opinions about aesthetics can vary but one cannot argue the number of functions and support features of a multimedia system, which the Sync boasts over the i-Mid. But the i-Mid too has a few unique features too like its SiriusXM radio system and reverse assist functions.

Ford Sync

So if you are the type that wants to go for a high tech in car multimedia system vehicle, then the new Sync equipped Ford vehicles may be the better choice for they truly offer the most number of high tech functions in a hands free manner that makes driving truly safer, easier, and fun! i-Mid is great too and will also be a good alternative, that is if you prefer a Honda vehicle.

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