Defies the point? Audi survey finds 64% of convertibles in UK keep their roofs up

Posted on 13 September 2012 by Tony Santos

Audi Cabriolet convertibles in UK keep their roofs up

If you’ve always aspired to owning a convertible, it may baffle you to find out that sixty four percent of the UK convertible owners surveyed by Audi admitted to never having lowered the roofs on their cars, or only doing so very rarely.

Audi believe that the absence of any folding hardtop convertibles in their range of passenger cars makes them much more exclusive, as fabric soft-top cabriolets are more easily distinguishable. This ties in with what many of the surveyed convertible owners said, which is that they bought a convertible purely as it’s perceived by them and others as being a more exotic, exclusive kind of car.

More female convertible owners are likely to drive around with the roof down, according to Audi’s survey. Contrast the 39% female split who said they would use their convertible cars to the full with the male section, in which only 27% said they would bother. Interestingly, convertible owners in the East Midlands aged between 25 and 34 years of age are more likely to get their roofs down. This may be down to the relatively better weather often enjoyed in the Midlands compared to, for example, the North.

Perhaps the unpredictable British weather is the main factor behind the results of the entire survey – what do you think? According to Martin Sander, UK Director of Audi, waiting lists for their convertibles are actually shortening in length due to the poor spring and summer weather here in 2012 so far. You can even get an Audi R8 sooner now than in previous months and years.

Reckon we might have an ‘Indian summer’ with cracking weather to finish off the autumn, topping up our vitamin D levels before we head into the winter months? Audi certainly do and they are predicting a surge in convertible sales soon. Or is that just wishful thinking? Hopefully, it won’t be!

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