Why are hybrid cars a good investment?

Posted on 01 August 2012 by Tony Santos

Honda Insight Hybrid Car

Hybrid cars are a major force on the world market. Whereas once they were thought of as a gimmick that wouldn’t last, hybrid cars are fast becoming a serious alternative in a world of increased fuel costs and high environmental stakes.

Hybrid cars are gradually changing public perception over the future development of the automotive industry. Along with plenty of government-backed incentives available for those who invest in these models, as reported in The Guardian, there are plenty of other reasons to consider buying a green car.

They cut fuel costs

Petrol prices have risen considerably in recent times. Many people are now saving money on their running costs by using hybrid cars. Because they can run on battery power for set periods of time, they are less reliant on traditional combustion engines and burn less fuel as a result.

Numerous models are available

Hybrid cars are available in a truly staggering range of models. Honda’s range of green cars, for example, cater for everything, from high performance saloons and hatchbacks to family-orientated models. Whatever life you lead, there is a model of hybrid car to suit you.

They look great

Style is an important factor when choosing a car. Hybrid cars not only perform well, but they are also styled impeccably. To invest in a hybrid car is to invest in the forefront of design. Everything from the outer chassis to the dashboard is painstakingly built to ensure that your car stands out from the crowd for all the right reasons.

Cash incentives are often available

Incentives such as cheaper road insurance, extended credit and lower motorway tolls are all benefits provided by the government to ensure that more people use hybrid vehicles.

Combined with lower running costs, owning a green car may turn out to be a great investment. These financial benefits all feature alongside the satisfying knowledge that you are helping the environment.

It’s good to be green

The stresses and strains placed on the environment are beginning to be more and more evident, with environmental issues often at the forefront of global debate. Low emission cars have a much lower carbon footprint, meaning that wherever you drive you can rest easy knowing you’re doing your bit to help the environment.

Most manufacturers have a clear environmental focus in their current endeavours. Honda is particularly dedicated to producing efficient models which boast a host of benefits. As the first manufacturer to produce a hybrid car for commercial markets, their hybrid sales hit 800,000 this January – just over a decade since they launched their first hybrid model.

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