Solar Cars: Vehicles of the Future?

Posted on 07 August 2012 by Tony Santos

Future Solar Cars

One of the major movements across the globe is to find more renewable sources of energy. Solar energy is one source of energy that is being explored and developed. Currently, the sun already provides energy for a multitude of objects. For instance, many homes come equipped with solar panels. This helps to harness the sun’s energy to be used in lieu of non-renewable energy sources.

One major source of energy consumption is our cars. Fuels are often dependent upon foreign oil which is a non-renewable source of energy. Given the current rate of consumption, these non-renewable energy sources used by cars will soon be depleted. Scientists are seeking ways to make our vehicles much more energy efficient and operational with different energy sources. A premature attempt at creating solar powered cars was made in the past and didn’t present a favourable opinion of this energy since it failed to work properly.

Despite this initial failure, scientists have not given up. They have continued to work to improve upon their idea. Given the dire nature of the supply of fossil fuels, they seem to be even more determined to perfect this particular type of technology. Steps are continuing to be made towards this goal.

The automaker, Toyota, who is the maker of the most popular hybrid, the Prius, is looking at using solar energy with this vehicle. Solar panels are going to be installed on the vehicle. The solar energy will be used to power the electrical system as well as the air conditioning. Granted, it is not an entirely solar powered vehicle, but it is a step in the right direction. Part of the issue is the amount of energy needed to power a vehicle. Often this amount cannot be efficiently drawn from the sun. However, engineers continue to work to hopefully one day maker a solared powered car a reality.

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