Renault A110-50 Alpine

Posted on 08 August 2012 by Tony Santos

Renault A11-50 Alpine


The Renault A110-50 Alpine is a 400-horsepower sports car that the French automaker re-released as a concept car in May 2012. According to the Topgear website, official word was that the move was intended to be a commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the car’s original introduction to the world. The car originally became well-known after its 1973 win of the World Rally Championship.


Alpine was founded as a subdivision of Renault in 1955. The division became well-known for creating lightweight, attractive sports cars run by Renault engines. Renault discontinued this line in the late 1970s.


The A110-50 concept car is a small compact automobile with double headlamps in front. Its body is midnight blue, with a smaller orange streak extending from the rear to the middle. The Alpine name plate is all capitals, and can be found underneath the small grille.

The car’s cockpit is quite fascinating. According to the Renault website, the carbon fiber sills, and the uncluttered dashboard are two of the features here that make the car perfect for racing, which is what the automaker intended. There are full harness belts, and a steering wheel with a color screen designed to provide its drivers with the information they need to conduct a successful, safe race.

Additionally, the 21-inch wheels give the automobile a distinctive racing car look insofar as they make the vehicle appear higher above the ground than a normal car used for everyday driving.

The Alpine A110-50 is based on the Renaultsport Mezane race car. Its tubular space frame is likely to remind you of that particular old-school vehicle. It has an 880 kilogram kerbweight, and a 3.5-liter V6 engine, with 400 horsepower. It carries 311 lb/feet of torque.

According to Autoweek, the car has double, half-domed lamps, which are reminiscent to earlier editions of this car. Make no mistake about it, however: the lamps do employ present-day LED technology.

The ground effects are a salient part of this car’s makeup, as is the case with many racing cars. They constitute about one-third of the down force created. The rest, according to Autoweeek, is courtesy of an adjustable rear wing.

Moreover, the control panel is also worth more than just an honourable mention. There’s a six-speed sequential gearbox that you can control by using the clutch pedal, or if you prefer, by employing a paddle on the steering wheel.


This is no mere concept car, depending on how much interest is shown in the concept car, the automaker intends to put the model into production. But don’t expect to see the same specs. The platform is likely to change radically. The plan is to use a 200-liter petrol engine that is a minimum of 300 horsepower. The intended weight of the car should be under a metric ton, which is about 2,400 pounds.

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