How I Saved On Car Insurance

Posted on 08 August 2012 by Tony Santos

The Best Car Insurance

I saved a lot of money on my car insurance by using the Hartford auto insurance calculator. I wanted to get my insurance through AARP because I am a senior citizen and a member. The AARP really has the best interest of seniors in mind, so I knew I would get a good rate if I signed up for an auto insurance plan through them.

I was a little worried that shopping for a new auto policy would be time-consuming. I may be retired, but I am still a busy person. I do not have time to spend all day on the phone answering questions. Fortunately, the Hartford insurance calculator allowed me to find the right plan quickly.

The insurance calculator was very easy to use, and the process of getting a quote was not confusing at all. All I needed to do was answer a few basic questions about the drivers on my policy and my family’s vehicles. After I answered the questions and followed the prompts, I was given an insurance recommendation that was perfect for me. Then, I got a quote and was pleased that the monthly payment was well within my budget.

Now, I am completely covered and I am paying less for insurance than I was before. I plan to tell all my friends to use this calculator to see if they can save on their auto insurance policy.

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