The Increasing Dangers of Illegal Street Racing

Posted on 25 July 2012 by Tony Santos

The Increasing Dangers of Illegal Street Racing

I am sure I’m not the only one who has noticed the growing issue of street-racing within built-up urban areas over recent years. Many young people across the UK are also turning to the supposed attraction of ‘cruising’, which involves the modification of ordinary road cars to parade their handy work in front of their friends.

As many as 23% of young people have been involved in ‘races’ on public roads in the UK, either as a driver or passenger and although cruising isn’t considered illegal, reckless driving certainly is. As a result of the ‘boy-racer’  ideology among many younger people, the numbers of road traffic accidents and personal injury cases are also on the increase.

The famous case of two young boys comes to mind as the prime example of the increasing concern regarding street racing. Chris Houghton and Scott Fenton were tragically killed after attempting to race one another, reaching speeds of 100mpr on a busy urban road. This was the first accident of its kind and road experts believe personal injuries and deaths will only increase as a result of street racing and cruising groups.

I should point out I have nothing against younger drivers and believe the vast majority are perfectly responsible and safe on the road. However it is a small minority which are not only putting their own lives at serious risk but also increasing the likelihood of an injury to other drivers, pedestrians and even passengers.

Shockingly as many as 56% of 14-25 year-olds has been a passenger while a young driver has exceeded the speed limit.  Recently a young woman innocently accepted the offer of a lift home after a night out from a friend. What was meant to be an act of kindness soon degenerated into a terrifying ordeal as the car began racing another vehicle. The driver lost control and hit the curb forcing the car to roll. Following the accident the young woman was taken to hospital where she received treatment for a serious injury to her leg and regular physiotherapy.

While the police are aware of the problem their efforts to reduce the number of street racers has so far been unsuccessful. If we do not change the way we address reckless drivers in the UK, the number of injuries and fatalities will continue to increase.

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