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Posted on 31 July 2012 by Tony Santos

Luxury Car Lease

Everyone likes a little bit of luxury now and then – but what if you could afford luxury EVERY day?

You can do this by leasing a luxury car such as a Mercedes, a BMW or a Lexus because it will be cheaper than actually buying it.

The theory behind this is sound.

If you are thinking of buying a car, work out how much you can afford to spend every month. When compiling your figures you will have to calculate the depreciation of the car over three years and its running costs. That’s the real figure for running a car.

And now visit car leasing websites to see how much further your money will go. Usually it goes much further since you don’t have to calculate things like depreciation – which can be a huge 60 per cent over three years for some luxury cars.

That’s because the cost of depreciation is borne by the leasing company and they calculate that risk into their repayment figure. They usually offer a maintenance package too to help keep your motoring worry-free.

Andy Bell is the managing director of the UK’s leading vehicle leasing company,, and he says leasing makes more sense than buying.

He says: “Once people understand that they don’t own the car the argument for leasing becomes much clearer. Why own something that loses money as soon as you drive it? It’s not a sound investment.

“However, you need a car so leasing makes more sense. The leasing company bears the cost of depreciation and works out how much it will cost in repairs – anything they haven’t worked out correctly costs them money.

“But the best thing about leasing is that once you calculate the real cost of motoring you can go back to your figures and from what you can afford every month you can lease a better car.

“For most people that means a luxury car!”

Leasing a vehicle is growing in popularity and competition for customers is fierce so there are some great deals around.

So while you do not own the vehicle you also don’t have the headaches of ownership and the disappointment of owning car that isn’t – often – worth as much as you think it is.

You also don’t have the trouble of trying to sell it when you need a new one or feel like you’ve been cheated when it comes to trading it in with a new car dealership.

So, if you are looking for luxury car lease you can get the very best deals at or you can call them on 0800 298 2030 for more information.

Author Bio:

Vincent Hill is the Marketing Executive at First Vehicle Leasing provides best luxury car leasing solutions to all the over United Kingdom.

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