GRMN Sports and TRD Toyota GT86 to debut at Goodwood

Posted on 02 July 2012 by Tony Santos

GRMN Sports and TRD Toyota GT86 to debut at Goodwood

Rumor circuit for the GRMN Sports and TRD version of Toyota GT86 to be presented at UK’s Goodwood Festival of Speed has started to surface making the right hype to go with the event.

The Toyota and Subaru’s sports car collaboration is expected to be tuned by Toyota Racing Development (TRD) and tuning house GRMN Sports with team Gazoo Racing. So far, the GRMN Sports tuned Toyota GT86 has major details out. Running with twin charger system the tuned GT86 is capable of 215hp and 311 lb-ft of torque with specialized track-use set up it comes with upgraded brakes and suspension, unique 18-inch alloys, more aggressive body kit and special exhaust made by Gazoo racing.

Unfortunately, the TRD Toyota GT86 have scant details where so far we can only live with Subaru’s BRZ STi Concept, where it’s good to think that the TRD tuned GT86 will come as powerful or more as the BRZ considering both automaker have collaborated for the sports car. Let’s just wait if Goodwood will be

Source: AutoCarUK

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