World’s Highest-Performing Automakers [Infographic]

Posted on 26 June 2012 by Tony Santos

Global Car Sales

The world’s automakers must compete in many markets to achieve status as the top automakers. In 2011, the top sellers included GM, VW, Nissan/Renault, Toyota, Ford, Hyundai-Kia, Fiat-Chrysler, the PSA Group, and Honda.

GM boasted the highest sales figures, claiming 9.03 million. VW, Nissan/Renault and Toyota might complain about GM’s claim to the top spot. Some 1.2 million Chinese car sales were actually earned by Wuling. GM owns a large share in Wuling, but it does not own a controlling share. GM would argue that a share entitles them to count the figures in their total. If the 1.2 million is deducted, GM would fall behind Toyota, making GM only the fourth largest in 2011.

VW claimed 8.153 million compared to close competitor Nissan/Renault’s 8.03 million. Nissan is followed closely by Toyota’s 7.93 million. The top four automakers can claim leadership in different markets. GM leads in China and the United States. VW leads in Germany and Brazil. Nissan/Renault claims nearly 35 percent of all new vehicle sales in Russia and claims 17 percent in China. Toyota claims nearly 65 percent of the busy Japanese market as well as nearly 20 percent of the 12 million cars sold in the U.S. Toyota also claims 13 percent market share in Russia, 12 percent in China, and 7.5 percent in Germany.

2011 Car Sales Statistics via Olathe Toyota Parts Center

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