Toyota Prius is now the world’s third bestselling model report says

Posted on 04 June 2012 by Tony Santos

Extended family of four-model lineup with the Prius C, Prius V, Prius plug-in hybrid and the ‘standard’ Prius all count under the sales of the ‘Prius’ name, crowns the Toyota Prius to be officially the world’s third bestselling car in the first quarter of 2012. Almost but not quite, for the automaker as we believe it should be the lineup overall.

Accordingly, the recorded sales number accounted for the first quarter that placed Toyota Prius lineup on third for 247,230, trailing behind the Toyota Corolla at 300,800 and the Ford Focus at 277,000.

So far, Toyota Prius lineup is also the third best brand of the top ten models in the US.

Source: AutoNews

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