Auto Trader: A Social Buying Car App on Timeline

Posted on 07 May 2012 by Tony Santos

Having a car in this generation is no longer considered a luxury but a requirement. With the hustle and bustle of the busy streets within the city, people will definitely need their own rides, so they can maneuver and find shortcuts to where they are going. Taxis are convenient but when you accumulate all your daily travel expenses to and from work, you might be surprised how much you could have saved had you bought a car instead.

Should you decide to buy a car, there are a lot of things you have to consider other than how it looks. You have to consider some important details such as the engines, mileage, transmission type, fuel system type, etc. Don’t forget to check whether your selections have the most up-to-date improvements available as well. The money, of course, matters a lot in all this.

The point is that it is not easy to find the best cars to buy that are suitable to your budget. You can read a lot of reviews on numerous cars but will you believe all of those? But that is easy to remedy now with Facebook Timeline. If you must know several apps are already integrated on Timeline, among them are SoundCloud, an audio streaming app, and Auto Trader, a social buying car app.

Auto Trader Helps You Choose Your Car

Auto Trader is one of the leading car websites on the internet. In fact, even Facebook sort of recommends it since Auto Trader is one of the apps made available on its Timeline. Together with the SoundCloud app and other Timeline applications, the Auto Trader app is hauled to be made useful to Facebook members.

Auto Trader is apparently tapping on the social side of the people, particularly online. With Auto Trader integrated into Timeline, potential buyers can now share the cars they dream to have to their social connections. Prompted with the default “want” users can post specific types of cars they want and let all their friends know, so these friends can give their opinions and suggestions. An insight to connections who are car specialists or who owns several cars will help the buyer determine the best car for him. That is why this Auto Trader app is called the social buying car application. Download the app to your mobile as well and start choosing your dream car now.

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