Three reasons to choose hybrid cars

Posted on 17 April 2012 by Tony Santos

From their budget to the in-car features they consider essential, there are a number of factors individuals need to consider when buying a car. As developments in the automotive world continue to focus on environmental preservation and efficiency, hybrid cars have become a prime area of growth – but why should you choose them over conventional cars?

Honda CR-Z Hybrid Car

They’re better for the environment

Perhaps the main benefit associated with hybrid cars is the fact that they are kind to the environment. This is because they operate using two sources of power: a standard combustion engine as well as an electric motor. This allows them to outperform convention cars which only utilise a combustion engine – something which leads to a large amount of fuel being wasted. This in turn leads to high carbon emissions and has a negative impact on the surrounding environment.

Hybrid vehicles recapture wasted energy and use it to charge the electric motor – thus giving it a practical use. This alleviates the pressure placed on the standard engine, making fuel consumption and carbon emissions lower.

They’re better for your pocket

The benefits of hybrid cars do not just extend to the environment and drivers can also reap the rewards of financial savings with these models as more efficiency fuel economy and lower carbon emissions result in reduced motoring costs. Less frequent refuelling means drivers will spend less time at petrol stations whilst the lower emissions result in reduced road tax costs. Some models can even be made exempt from additional fees such as those imposed by the London Congestion Charge if they offer high enough environmental benefits.

On top of this, the purchase prices of hybrid vehicles are more reasonable and there are plenty of new car offers which are available on these models as well as on conventional cars. This means drivers can invest in these vehicles without negatively impacting their bank balance.

They’re a wise long-term investment

With the financial savings mentioned above all relating to long term benefits, buying a hybrid car is a great investment for motorists. This is especially evident when it is considered that these eco-friendly vehicles have become increasingly popular over recent years as major manufacturers, including Honda UK, develop innovative cars which offer both environmental and economic benefits.

In fact, Honda is one of the main brands associated with the rise of hybrid vehicles. They were the first manufacturer to make a commercially available hybrid with the Honda Insight which was launched in the United States in 1999. Since then, the company has continued to dedicate themselves to producing eco-friendly vehicles and now offer several hybrid options across fifty countries.

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