Study reveals that young adults are less interested in driving

Posted on 04 April 2012 by Tony Santos

Study reveals that young adults are less interested in driving

The mighty internet is taking over young adult’s interest in driving, according to result of the study conducted by the University of Michigan.

The study reveals that the more internet users, there are lower the number of licenses being issued. Accordingly, Germany, Canada, Sweden, South Korea, Japan, Norway and Great Britain is experiencing a spike for older drivers and relevantly drop in younger drivers.

Records show that back in 1983, one third of all licensed drivers in the U.S. were age 30 or younger, and now only 22 percent fall with at the same year 94-percent of license holder were at their 20’s however, in 2008 the number dropped to 82-percent.

One more notable thing we can cite here is the social media catered by the internet where most of the young feel already connected. “In every other generation, kids had to leave the house to see their friends and now you can do all that online. A car is no longer required,” according to research done by Senior Analyst Rebecca Lindliand of HIS automotive.

In the long run, this trend could impact vehicle purchases and preferred mode of transportation.

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