Rear Hatch Door That Opens With A Kick

Posted on 07 April 2012 by Tony Santos

Ford recently unveiled a very awesome feature for its Kuga(Escape); a rear hatch door that opens with a kick, so you don’t have to put the groceries down. The light foot motion is carefully detected by calibrated sensor which will only work when you have the key fob, so it will be safe that no random person can open it.

Rear Hatch Door That Opens With A Kick

Ford has spent six months at the ” Human Machine Interface laboratory, tweaking the system with the help of volunteer kickers that tested the motion sensors. They ensured that the system distinguishes between actual kicks and other motions – say a pothole in the road – so that the tailgate doesn’t inadvertently pop open when you least expect it.”

The feature has been already rolled out on Ford Escape since November 2011.

Interestingly, “Ford engineers re-calibrated the system for Europe to ensure it would still work if a tow bar had been fitted – as this is an option frequently chosen by European Kuga customers.”

Read: Press Release 

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