The Benefits of Getting a Small Car

Posted on 21 March 2012 by Tony Santos

If you have decided to go with a smaller car and smaller engine for whatever reason, you may be worried about the performance of the car as a result. Small engines emit less CO2, reducing your carbon footprint and saving quite a bit on fuel as they are much more frugal than their larger cousins. Added to the amount you will save on tax, you might find yourself with a lot more money to play with if you are used to larger motors with a big engine. And if you are a first time buyer, or have just passed your test and are not yet confident on the road, you will find smaller cars with smaller engines to be much easier to handle and maneuver. You can find many cheap small cars all over the internet on used car sites such as

 Nissan MicraThis doesn’t mean, however, that you will lose much more power than bigger engines. These days, more and more technology is packed into products, yet things seem to be getting smaller (except televisions!) Car engines are no different. Smaller engines are receiving more advanced technology which makes them more efficient while keeping emissions to a minimum.

Small cars have the advantage in a few places besides the size of their engines. If you live in the middle of town, for example, you are going to get into difficulties if you have a four wheel drive jeep for the commute to work. You might feel great looking down on everyone but most streets are hardly terrain that would require this type of vehicle. A smaller car can nip into small parking spaces, is much easier to maneuver in the mid-town traffic and will get you where you need to be without you having to fill it umpteen times. They usually cost less too, ideal for those on a budget – both for fuel and for buying in the first place.

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