Jaguar XF Sportbrake Rear Images Leaked

Posted on 05 March 2012 by Tony Santos

The new Jaguar station wagon, due for release on 82nd Geneva Auto Show, for sure will lock horn with Audi Avant, BMW 5 Series Touring and Merc E-class estate once released. To gather steam before the auto show debut, Jaguar already leaked (with or without intention) some rear side images of the vehicle. Last year too, few images came out containing middle to front side of the vehicle.

Leak or no-leak, images are giving pretty good idea on how XF Sportbrake would look like, at least, externally. XF Sportbrake shares platform with Jaguar’s popular XF sedan. It looks almost similar to the sedan from B-pillar onwards. However, there are distinct differences once you go past the B-pillar backward.

What’s on offer

Let’s see what awaits you on Geneva Auto Show starting early this month.

1. Beneath the front side bumper, Sportbrake shows off a chrome element similar to XF sedan but it curves in different direction.

2. Alike the sedan, Sportbrake holds a signature glossy silver lining and it stretches up to the tail of the car encircling all the A, B, C and D-pillars.

3. Tail-light looks different for obvious reasons. It has soft closing mechanism on tail gate so that you don’t need to slam it to close not a usual mercedes parts.

4. Once you open the tail gate, 550 liter boot welcomes you. Within the wide boot, you get a panel covering the floor of the boot area. It creates 3 split storage spaces under the panel for stuffing smaller items. A floor mounted tray keeps valuable items safe.

5. With-in a hand’s distance, near the tail gate, you get rear seat remote knob for folding the rear seats. It is really helpful as you won’t need to put yourself in the boot for manually folding the seat.

6. Once you fold the seat, boot size expands to 1675 liter. That means you can almost fit in anything you dream of taking on your vacation.

7. Tailgate also carries LED lightings for illuminating the ground when you open the gate in dark.

8. Under the floor, you get air-suspension which can level itself depending on the road. It makes ride ultra-comfortable.

9. Jaguar has kept XF sedan chassis intact on the Sportbrake. So, you won’t feel the difference while driving the station wagon.

10. There is not much of a rear hung on the boot space. That means rear wheels will eat up space into the boot. That could dent the image of a station wagon.

On the power-train side, not much information on engine specification is available yet. However, from common believe, we perceive that Sportbrake would share power-train similar to the XF sedan. That means the start up version should be carrying a 2.2 liter diesel workhorse. It delivers 163 PS power. Jaguar can also offer a formidable 5 liter direct-injection V8.

Reading this far, if you have started planning to have one for your garage, wait till third quarter of 2012. You won’t get one before that.


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