The Suzuki Swift Sport – safety rating and overall review

Posted on 07 February 2012 by Tony Santos

The newest model in the Sport range by Suzuki has been manufactured with the aim of dealing with the major issues raised by the first edition, produced back in 2006. These problems included issues with performance, fuel efficiency and the internal quality of the car, but Suzuki has worked hard to overcome most of these deficiencies with this second edition. To begin with the new edition features improved standards of the internal materials, although the plastic used for the majority of the interior lining is still not luxurious by any means is rather flimsy; however it is still superior overall to what might be expected of a car in this range.

When it comes to fuel efficiency, the five-speed gearbox that the previous version of the Swift Sport was fitted with has been upgraded to a six-speed manual version. This enables the driver to keep the engine revs down when cruising, ensuring that the fuel economy level is significantly better than on the previous edition. The engine is a lightweight 1.6 litre petrol one, which keeps its speed and grip on the roads best when you approach corners as quickly as possible, before slowing going round the corners and then hitting the accelerator again quickly once you are on a straight road again. The engine is never going to hit really dangerous speed levels, which will disappoint some, but will certainly not impact on its appeal as a family car.

Overall this will not be a particularly popular car for families however, as it is still not ideally suited to everyday, practical driving purposes. While it has the space and child seat mounts for containing children, the actual access to the rear of the car is restricted by the three-door design and the boot is not really big enough for family storage needs. However the car does score very high ratings with the AA, with a rating of nine out of ten, with features such as airbags and ABS included as standard. The car is also very well built and has performed well in the crash tests conducted by organisations such as NCAP, which means that you’ll be well protected in the unfortunate event of a road traffic accident.

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