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Posted on 16 February 2012 by Tony Santos

Talking about cars is practically an everyday thing. Boys, men and passionate car enthusiasts do it all the time, especially when their clubs get together. But looks like their clubs are heading to a different direction, and we hear it’s on Twitter. Everyone seems to be banking on the ‘Twitter-verse’  for the latest in-place to hang online socially. With this latest change, car dealers are excited to get more followers for their accounts. 

All over the world, it’s no question that all these car manufacturers are able to get more followers each day. By having Twitter accounts, every level of car enthusiasts is now up to date to the latest developments on their products all within logging in with a click. All this Twitter mania only proves how well the public has accepted these car manufacturers are coming to this new micro-blogging site.

Ford Motor in one of their latest updates at a Consumer Electronics Show announced that they will be implementing a Twitter application on their next generation sync-in car communication system. Sounds incredibly amazing, right? Enthusiasts were more than wowed at this latest announcement. By this step, they are escalating the joys for tech-minded motorists. Indeed, with this latest shout out, Ford Motor definitely were able to get more followers who were more than happy to retweet the news.

All in all, it seems like the whole world is camping on the ‘Twitter-verse’ not merely just the manufacturers, consumers but other dealers as well. Quickly climbing on the trend is car dealers selling their automobiles online. Selling is no longer merely on the showrooms but coming online as well. And it comes no surprise, the situation isn’t sweeping us like a trend, but rather a tidal wave that if you don’t follow the waves, you’ll be swept by the tide. Hang ten quickly on that Twitter tidal wave!

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