2013 Peugeot 4008 Crossover

Posted on 22 February 2012 by Tony Santos

2013 Peugeot 4008 Crossover

Included in the Peugeot lineup to debut at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show along with the two new 208 XY and 208 GTi concepts is the new 2013 Peugeot 4008 Crossover based on the 4008 Mitsubishi ASX.

The 2013 Peugeot 4008 Crossover is based on the U.S.’s Mitsubishi Outlander Sport platform, but looks more impressive with its unique front grille, bumper and bonnet. It stands 1.63 m tall and 4.34 m long. Inside it features a sportier cabin with dominant chrome accents.

The new 4008 Crossover will be available in four power options which include two petrol and two diesel motors. The petrol option includes the 1.6L 115 hp engine mated to a 5-speed manual transmission and the 2.0L 150 hp engine mated to 5-speed manual 6-speed CVT transmission. The 1.6-liter is the only power option not available with an all-wheel drive option.

While the diesel option includes the 1.6L HDi making 115hp mated to a 6-speed manual gearbox, and a 1.8L HDi that makes 150hp, also mated to a six-speed manual.

The 2013 Peugeot 4008 Crossover will be distributed over 50 countries with the first release in Russia that will be followed by the release in Ukraine, New Zealand, Australia, China, Europe, and other locations.

2013 Peugeot 4008 Crossover:

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