UK Winter Winning Car Insurance Discounts

Posted on 25 January 2012 by Tony Santos

Impartial magazine stated that British Isles households are spending an average of £1000 annually for vehicle as well as home insurance. It is quiet striking information shared by the magazine. Car insurance is an important formality that you cannot ignore despite of your busy schedule. You need to get it done on time. However, to head for which firm for insurance is a concern.

Therefore, here is good news that Aviva is offering a selection of winter winning discounts on UK motors and home insurance.


This package is targeted at offering a major saving to families and benefiting these lives. The package is offering up to 15 weeks free insurance on the car.

About the car

The company is providing free car insurance of 15 weeks’ worth to the new customers buying online if you have at least four years’ no claims discount on your existing policy. And 10 weeks’ worth of free car insurance for new customers, with four years’ or more NCD, who has bought over the phone.

When you have more cars?

If there are second car or vehicle you can surely get an off with the company again. They have a policy for multi car insurance too. There is a off on third car with Aviva Multi Car Insurance. In this policy, you can cover at least five cars in it. The benefit is that there is one documentation, one renewal date and tailor cover is highly flexible. You do not have to worry about insurance of different cars. This policy is a relief for multi car users.


If you have, car insurance with the company than you enjoys loyalty benefit in form of home insurance. The home insurance deals plus a further 20% loyalty discounts. Isn’t it great.

And if you already using the home insurance than you can get benefit in car policy. So, enjoy the benefits Aviva is providing on its insurance policy.

Get to know fisherman Ollie

Get to know fisherman Ollie, star of the new Aviva MultiCar commercial, in this exclusive extra video clip. Catch keen angler Ollie taking in the whiff of his neoprene chest waders. Anyone recognise which famous film his line is from?

You can also find his interactive garage here. This is a sponsored post from Aviva.

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