Featured: JEGS’ performance exhaust headers

Posted on 19 January 2012 by Tony Santos

Major header manufacturers like Hedman, Hooker, Dynomax, BBK, Borla and Doug’s whether it’s shorty headers, long tube headers, block hugger style, full length, dragster, circle track, Lakester headers and roadster headers for Chevy, Ford, Dodge – Mopar or more —-you can find them all at JEGS.

For starters, headers acts as a engine performance enhancing part that lets the flow of engine exhaust dynamically smooth, pumping more air and fuel intake which will build the engine’s horsepower as long as there’s no chokepoints on the induction or exhaust side of the engine.

JEGS features wide array of headers of different materials which include steel, stainless steel, multi-selection of coating such as ceramic. The company also covers almost all of Chevy car or truck headers notably include parts for 2010 Camaro and Mustang.

Regarding the installation, headers are normally in easy bolt up parts but may take some time to install them and may depends on the car, we think you can give it try, however, it still a best thing to consult professional mechanics.

Now, needless to say exhaust headers is considered one of the top performance parts and what we think it’s worthy enough for your next upgrade.

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