Best Car Insurance Providers in the United States

Posted on 12 January 2012 by Tony Santos

Going for a right kind of car insurance company for your vehicle will always give you a good peace of mind or look for the best France Car Hire if you’re within that region. Selecting a good company is important since it will help you in getting your claims during any fatal mishap happening with your car. Hence whenever your car meets an accident or is stolen you settle down your claims with proper ease and comfort. You certainly don’t want to go with a car insurance company who create problems whenever you approach them to settle down your claims. So if you are looking forward to go with an insurance company who is good in terms of affordability, responsiveness, value of services and so on, you are at a right place. This article discusses the top and best car insurance companies in United States which promises these factors. This list comprises of insurance providers who are not only affordable but quick in action and service. They are the groups who are with you whenever you need their help, let’s discuss one by one:


Geico stands for Government Employees Insurance Company, the name might sound odd to you, but it reflects the early days of the company, wherein the founder Leo Goodwin first targeted the US government and military employees. But today, you can see this company among the big brands in the insurance domain with more than 10 million auto policy holders and the number keeps on adding up every day. Now the company caters to customers of all walks of life both including the government employees and the one who work in private sector. The company is among the oldest players in insurance sector, which was founded in 1936. Besides car insurance the company also deals with the number of other insurance covers including the life insurance, overseas insurance, flood insurance and so on.


This car insurance company has just incepted a decade before in 1999, and is known to cater affordable and convenient auto cover which can be found all across the thirty states in US. Apart from dealing in car insurance, the company also deals in other kinds of insurances including health insurance, life insurance, home owner insurance etc. This company is completely environmental friendly in nature; you will find their offices or procedures paperless having catered to a countless number of consumers with the same attitude since day one. The procedures adopted by the company are pretty consumer friendly, and they are known for excellent customer service.


Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual is known to provide competitive cost insurance products to a wide range of consumers of United States. Liberty Mutual is also considered to be among the oldest groups in this sector since it was incepted in the year 1912. Today the company is the third largest property and casualty insurer in the United States which has led Liberty Mutual with excellent rating. The company is known to have a strong financial backup which makes them deliver the best to their customers. A large number of testimonials from satisfied customers bear witness to their good service and excellent customer support during their claims. Apart from auto insurance, the company deals with all the major insurance covers.

State Farm

State Farm or call it by its real name State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company- is among the big insurance groups in United States which came into being in the year 1942. State Farm is a mutual insurance company and do not have any share holders, which means it is owned by the policyholders. The company is known to help its policy holders to recover from their everyday’s life with giving some of the best insurance solutions. Through its ace customer service, it has catered a number of 81 million policy holders with different insurance covers which includes the 42.4 million in Auto cover. The company sells more than 100 insurance products.


The Allstate Corporation is country’s largest publicly held personal lines insurer. Allstate is among the Fortune 100 Company having a total asset of around 131 billion dollars. The company is known to sell 13 major lines of insurance which include auto, life, property and commercial. You can also find a number of other products like solutions for retirement and investment and even banking services. The company was founded in the year 1931 which eventually turned out to be a publicly traded group in the year 1993.


This can be called as a modest list of top car insurance companies in United States; however, you can add a couple of more names in it. But all these named companies are known to be best in terms of customer service, affordability and value of services. With these companies in the list, you can for sure experience a good service while settling your claims with ease and comfort.

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