Peugeot’s Spectacular Motion and Emotion Show [Video]

Posted on 30 December 2011 by Tony Santos

Futuristic spectacular, a perfect description for Peugeot’s one of a kind Motion and Emotion Show to highlight the gradual ramp up for the automaker’s flagship Peugeot 208. The event was held at Cinelandia Square in Rio de Janeiro, the iconic cultural and social site of the Carioca city, on the evening of December 8th in front of thousands of spectators that was obviously wowed by the interactive show featuring advance 3D projection mapping and Kinect that brings the 4D effect twist during the event.

A display boasting state-of-the-art technologies symbolising the modernity of the Peugeot brand and the product, this show combines use of cutting edge technologies (3D projection mapping and Kinect) to which a 4th dimension has been added in the form of direct interaction with the public.

In the course of this show, spectators were given a chance to bring the “Let Your Body Drive” signature to life by collectively interacting with the rhythms and pulsations of the event.

Brazil was chosen to host the “symbolic” event to boast its global appeal that perfectly represents the modernization of Peugeot brand and products highly emphasized in the unique show.

If you’ll be asking what’s store under the hood of Peugeot 208 that was pinned on its emblem “Let Your Body Drive”, the video above shows the tip of the iceberg.

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