What do you need to do to get a better car?

Posted on 23 November 2011 by Tony Santos

When it comes to upgrading your car from something old to something sharp, fast, new and full of technology you are filled with the quandary of how to get rid of the old car.

There are numerous ways in which you can do this. Below I will go into a few of the most common.

Trade It In

When you are buying a nice new shiny car then you have the option to trade your car in and pay a lower price for your new car. This is acceptable most of the time but if you had an old banger a garage isn’t going to be able to offer you much for your pride and joy.

If your car is still relatively new then the garage will want to sell it on to someone else and they will want to make as much profit as they can on the car. This will mean that they already have a re-sell price for the car and will offer you a percentage of the reselling price, which may not be much.

Sell It Privately

This can be more time consuming and costly than what it is worth to sell your car. First you have to advertise your car either online, in print or flyers around town but these adverts can be expensive and if your car isn’t worth much then is there much need in paying for this and possibly not selling your car in the end.

There are of course free sites that offer advertising however with these sites you may get a lot of unwanted phone calls offering less than you are willing to take. This is time wasting and may drive you insane taking calls at all hours of the day.

Sell Online

There are sites that offer to buy your car outright and they put the cash straight in to your bank account. This can be quick and easy although some sites are better than others.

If you are looking at selling your car online then you should look at all the sites, there are a few so you can compare how much you would get from each site.

  • Look at the reputations of the sites if you search for them online do they have a good or bad review?
  • Although some reviews will be mixed if the majority is good then are you willing to use the company?

If you do then you will be able to take advantage of them arranging to pick up your car at a convenient time and place for you. You could also drop the car off at one of their garages in your local area.

Whichever way you decide to sell your car, make sure that you are getting the best deal you can get. After all the money you raise could get you a better model of your next dream car

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