Top UK Car Insurance Providers

Posted on 21 November 2011 by Tony Santos

If you’re looking to find a good car insurance deal, then there’s no shortage of places to look. Whether you go through a price comparison site or contact insurers individually, there are bound to be a few names that come to mind for most people.

These would include motoring organisations like the RAC and the AA, and big insurers like Endsleigh, Direct Line and Churchill. Of course, banks and building societies also provide car insurance.

There’s a lot to be said for sticking with the top insurers in order to secure a good deal. This is simply down to numbers – they have the most customers and can offer better prices – as a rule. But whichever insurer you decide to get a quote from it’s worth bearing the following in mind.

There are 50 different insurance groups depending on the make of car, its performance and value. Some car types fall into higher risk groups for surprising reasons.

With the increased popularity of eco cars UK drivers are finding better deals with the main insurers. This may be down to the fact that it’s a new phase of motoring, and insurers want to get the best reputation for looking after what is bound to become the standard type of car in coming years.

However, while some insurers ‘reward’  drivers for a better environmental choice, others are put off by the fact that hybrid cars have new technology which may be more complicated to repair, and more expensive to find parts for, so consequently raise the premiums to cover any potential losses. So, if you have a car that might be viewed as a bit unusual, you may find a better price with one of the specialist insurers.

Another example is 4x4s. Four wheel drive cars have higher premiums than standard cars. This seems a bit strange, because 4x4s usually have strong safety features which offer a good level of protection for their drivers and passengers. However, their very solid build means that they can cause costly damage to other vehicles that they might collide with.

Whenever you are hunting around for a new deal on your car insurance, even though it’s as dull as dishwater, remember you could save yourself hundreds of pounds by making just a few extra phonecalls or internet searches, so it is worth shopping around and not just contacting the top insurance companies.

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